Steel Technology provides high tech solutions within the following areas Cold forging, powder metal, sinter metal, lost wax casting and spot welding caps.

Together with our partners, Steel Technology ApS composes a group with many years of experience.  Steel Technology ApS performs the sales, marketing, maintenance and consultancy for the companies in this group. The companies complement each other with regards to products and processes and have mutual competition with a common accept of the fact that Steel Technology ApS has to deliver the optimum solution to the customer at any time.

It is our goal to market, communicate and promote the sales of custom-made components in close corporation with our customers. We offer a wide range of processes of manufacture from international agencies, represented by our five partners.

Powerpoint presentation

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Hannover Messen 2011

Dette år deltog Steel Technology ApS i Hannover Mesen i Tyskland, som løb af stablen i dagene fra den 3.- 8. april.

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